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Decoration Packages

What are the essentials for the ceremony area?  Well we think you need a ceremonial table – probably covered with a white or off-white cloth.  A simple but striking floral arrangement on the table looks great (both to you and your guests and later in all the photos!).  Two columns can frame the ceremony, again adorned with simple flowers and again the photos will be massively enhanced.

Then there is a sound system.  You will need music, now this might be from one of the great guitarists or other musicians we can recommend, but you may prefer to play the music from an iPad/iPod or somesuch (we can download from iTunes to our iPad if you wish?).  Also the ceremony is so much nicer for all if it is conducted in normal conversational volumes and then amplified through the speakers so that all your guests hear clearly!

But we know you have plenty to think about already so we have created packages that let you relax about this part of the big day!