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Naming a Baby or Child

A naming ceremony is a wonderfully happy event. With your family and close friends present, it is a very special way to acknowledge your child as a special and unique person, and to welcome him/her into his/her personal community.


Your child’s naming does not have to follow a prescribed religious format at all. However, this does not mean that the ceremony is non-spiritual. How else do you describe the profound awe one feels as parents (and grandparents!) at the birth of a new person.

You may include anything you wish into your child’s naming ceremony. We work with you, incorporating your wishes and providing you with ideas and resources, to design a ceremony that has meaning for you and your family, and is relevant to your child. You have ownership of this very special ceremony and you may for example, wish to write a personal message to your child to read out at the ceremony.


Thanks for the gift of your child
A recognition of the awe of parenthood and the responsibility this entails
The recognition of your baby or child as a unique person in their own right
Promises to your child to provide a happy, secure childhood
Sincere wishes to your child for a wonderful life
Acknowledgement of the importance of grandparents and the wider family
The appointing of godparents or mentors
And of course:
The bestowing of their very own name – their specially chosen personal name, and their birthright identity, their family name.


You can incorporate into your baby’s naming ceremony some symbolic enhancements for example:  lighting a named candle, planting a special tree, or asking everyone present to write in a beautiful book. These are all simple things that can have profound meaning. A naming is also a wonderful opportunity to use a family christening gown, and establish a new tradition of the gown as a “family gown”.